Wayfinding Solutions

Gone are the days when People used to put Big Maps and Sign Boards for people to reach their destination. Digital Wayfinding Touch interactive solution is the modern day technology which helps people navigate easily to their destination without scratching their heads. Simply touch on the screen the destination you need to go and the software will show you the easiest and shortest way to reach there.


Wayfinding Solution along with integration of Digital Signage software helps companies to advertise and build a brand value too. All that is needed is to develop a beautiful layout, insert maps, pin down the location and software will do the rest of creating the paths automatically.


Places where Wayfinding solution can be Used:

  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & Vast Campuses
  • Government Buildings

In brief any such place where you want to guide the person to reach his destination by his own, without much hassle using the self service kiosk along with interactive wayfinding software technology.